Poz100 player-rank heatmap

I have created a heat map that shows frequency of player-rank combinations. I limited it to the top 60 or so players to try to make the labels reasonably readable.

Here it is, click on it to enlarge it,






One thought on “Poz100 player-rank heatmap”

  1. its probably worth noting the way I order the names here. They are ordered first by number of ballots, so for example,

    mean-rank name
    01.14 Babe Ruth
    02.74 Willie Mays
    06.63 Ty Cobb
    06.75 Ted Williams
    07.46 Walter Johnson
    08.73 Honus Wagner
    10.85 Stan Musial
    13.75 Lou Gehrig
    18.17 Cy Young
    24.19 Tom Seaver
    28.97 Christy Mathewson
    36.86 George Brett

    were all mentioned on all 113 ballots, so they are the first 12 names. within that group, they are ordered by mean rank.

    The next group are those mentioned on 112 out of 113 ballots,
    07.34 Hank Aaron
    17.86 Greg Maddux
    24.27 Mike Schmidt

    the next, those mentioned on 111 ballots
    04.68 Barry Bonds
    13.99 Roger Clemens
    16.08 Mickey Mantle
    19.32 Tris Speaker
    36.96 Cal Ripken
    39.16 Roberto Clemente

    and so on.

    so that’s why players like Aaron, Bonds, Oscar Charleston etc fall out of the pattern, they have higher mean rankings then players mentioned on more ballots.

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