interactive MDS plot

I’ve used d3 to create an interactive MDS plot. Roughly speaking, MDS (multi-dimensional scaling), is an algorithm that tries to represent the dis-similarity, i.e. the “distance” between a set of points, in lower dimensions. So in this case, I compute a “distance” between each pair of contestants based on how much their rankings differ, and then run the MDS algorithm and plot the results in 2d. In any case, I can’t post javascript here, so I put it here,

Click the numbers on the left to change the plot. The numbers represent the minimum rank to consider, that is, if you click 42, the MDS will be computed using ranks 42-50. Since 1-41 haven’t been posted yet, if you click those you will see the “Poz” entry move further and further away from the other names. I will update it as the new rankings from Poz get posted.



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